Writing On The Range

Your Dog

A short poem about the worst cow dog in the state of Wyoming…


I’ll bet your dog is happy to see you when you arrive

Not my dog

He barks and snarls when I pull into the drive


Just this morning, after coffee with the guys

When he saw my truck

He just turned and rolled his eyes


I’ll bet your dog comes when he is called, ready to fetch or chase

Not my dog

He stays where he’s at, with a blank look on his face


I bet your dog jumps into your truck without a boost

Not my dog

He demands help with his caboose


I bet your dog rides shotgun, without a fuss

Not my dog

He hops everywhere, like a kid on a bus


I bet your dog eats his chow without complaint

Not my dog

He has to have pizza, burgers and everything quaint


I bet your dog is well behaved and trained

Not my dog

He’s just like me, unrestrained


~ Chad Auer

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