Writing On The Range

Wyoming Sucks, Tell All Your Friends


The wind blows here, All of the time

It tears at your soul and scatters the grime


Carhartt jackets, gloves and hats

For Wyoming winters, they are no match


The snow drifts are deep, topped with razor sharp ice

Shatters under your boots, with a frozen slice


The summer heat is unbearably dry, hot oppressive sun

Long days, short nights, there’s never any fun


There aren’t any open seats at rodeos, fairs or anywhere to relax

And everything is expensive, especially the state income tax


There are too many trees up north and there are no trees in the east

The roads are rough, and heavily patrolled by angry police


Everyone is mean here, they don’t take time to visit

They hate everything and everyone in it


Nobody square dances or attends potlucks

Cheers for the home team, or donates a few bucks


When your truck sputters to the side of the road, nobody stops to see if your alright

Or offer some help, or a place for the night


If your cows get out, they don’t stop and put them back in

If your horses get cut on some wire, they won’t help’m mend


When your kids need a ride, they won’t bring them in

When your rails fall down, they won’t hold them while you pound them back in


If it’s not too hot, it’s freezing cold Wyoming has no soul

It’s backwards, lost, stubborn and old


So now you know, In Wyoming everything terrible blends

Wyoming sucks, Now tell all your friends


~ Chad Auer

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